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As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here’s how we can help you get there:

Credit Analysis & Consultation

We'll analyze and review your credit + history, then we'll make strategic recommendations for you to take action.

Disputing Items

We can help you dispute and remove items from your credit that may be holding you back from making a big purchase.

Support + Education

We'll start and continue providing resources to educate you on your credit. We'll always be available to answer any questions!


We Make It A Simple
Process For You

We know finance in general can cause headaches, which is why we’ve made our process of working with you the easiest it’s ever been!

We'll do a full analysis of your credit.
We'll tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.
We'll give you access to our credit resources to continue improvement.
We'll always be a call, text or email away!

Choose your package

Considering the average credit report has 11 items that could be removed.
We make it affordable! Our plans are completely tailored to your individual needs.

Financial Freedom begins with a simple change. Take action.

How we can help

Items We Can
Help You Remove

Dealing with all of these items can be stressful and time consuming, so we take care of that for you.

Collection Accounts

A collection status shows the creditor gave up trying to collect a payment from you, and either sold the account or leased to a 3rd party company to collect the debt.

Late Payments

Consumers often send a payment on time and late payments show up on credit reports because of clerical errors, mail delays or simply due to sheer incompetence.


Foreclosures are extremely negative due to the fact they are high dollar amounts considering it is real estate.

Charge Offs

After 90 to 120 days of no payment, creditors will report your debt as uncollectible and sell your account to either a 3rd party debt collection agency, or lease the debt to a company to try to collect. A creditor might send your account to collections before or after charging it off.


If you are late paying on a car or boat, or any vehicle for that matter; it can get ugly. The creditor will usually sell the vehicle at auction for a fraction of what is owed, then sell the balance to a collection agency. You are left owing the deficiency balance.

Student Loans & more.

There are many more different types of accounts that can negatively impact your score, but we are here to help you throughout the process!

What people are saying

Let us show off a bit..

"Xperts Credit Solutions will get you on track. In less than 3 months my credit score went up 100 points. There were items on my credit report that I thought would never come off. But Genaro is doing an awesome job and I rate him 5 ⭐️"
- Joe L.

"Genaro is amazing at what he does! I had a ton of duplicate accounts that should not have been there and had no idea were there. He explained everything in such detail and made it easy to understand and he answered every question and concern I had.. He is awesome!!! Very pleased!"
- Mauro R.

"Totally worth it! They have a great line of communication throughout the entire process. My score increased 12 points in just 30 days. May be small, but it’s more then I’ve been able to achieve alone in over a year. Highly recommend!"
- Paul F.

"Genaro is an extremely talented liaison between the every day person and the credit bureaus. Very knowledgeable, understanding, honest and upfront during our consultation call, which is why I signed up. Five stars. Thank you for taking me on as a client!"
- Wanda A.

Here's what you might be wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. Unlike most companies that only dispute two or three items per month, we challenge every piece of negatively reporting information every month, which results in a much shorter total program time for our clients. However, please always keep in mind that credit repair is a process, and that process takes time and patience as well as maximum effort. Most of out clients will see some changes on their credit report within the first 45 days or so, and then they see more results following each cycle that we send. However, there have been a few clients who had very few changes for 4 or 5 months, and then all of the sudden there was a landslide of removals, deletions and updates. Patience and persistence is the key to successful credit repair. Even for the most stubborn negative accounts that took many, many rounds, there has rarely been an account that could not be removed with enough attacks and enough patience. We call this the TMF (Too Much Factor), where over time our challenges cost the bureaus too much money and too much time and we have presented too much evidence, and they will eventually remove the challenged account. But we need your patience in order to reach this point on the most stubborn items. Our advice: Don’t Quit! You will be successful in the long run.

Every 30-45 days, at the end of a challenge cycle, we will pull your updated credit report and update your Secure Client Portal with the results. We will also send you an email with all the significant updates, as well as insight as to why your scores changed. These might include pointing out that a credit card balance increased significantly, and advice on what you can do to help us help you.

This is totally normal. Depending on the balance of negative and positive accounts, it may take a while to remove enough negative items and add enough positive information to really shift the balance and see that reflected in your score. That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, though. Every reported negativity we remove strengthens your overall credit profile and makes you more attractive to lenders and credit card companies, which is the goal. Here’s a secret though: Your score doesn’t really matter. What matters is the overall makeup of your credit profile. We know PLENTY of people whose scores can be above 725, yet because of their overall profile no one will finance them a dime. But, even if you have a lower score but your overall profile is healthier, you have a better chance of being approved for what you want, which is the only purpose for credit in the first place.

Unfortunately, with dozens of clients, we have to streamline communication. As you can imagine, everyone has their preferred method of communicating, so if we have people trying to text, WhatsApp, FB message or calling our personal cell phones, communication can quickly get lost and you will feel unimportant, which is certainly not the case. Because we want you to get the attention your concern deserves, we funnel all communication through your Secure Client Portal or send an email to

We give our clients the option to have their due date either the 1st or the 15th of each month. 

We need to see any communication you receive from creditors, collectors or the credit bureaus. You can scan or take pictures of this communication and upload it into your Secure Client Portal or send an email to

Absolutely, and we will suggest that you open specific credit accounts based on your credit profile. These accounts will be tailored to you, and will plug the holes in your specific credit file and maximize your score. (This is a partnership and that we will advise when to apply based on credit repair journey.)

Absolutely! Due to the current climate, our staff is largely remote to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Because of this, the easiest way to get on the phone with your Credit Improvement Expert is to book a call using the page below. Please be sure to let us know exactly what you have questions about so that we can help you the best way possible.