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Pricing Plans

Plans Available for Everyone

Other Credit Repair companies charge an average of $300 per deleted item, which can become expensive quickly, considering the average credit report has 11 items that could be removed. We made it affordable by providing UNLIMITED disputes and deletions for a fraction of the cost.

Credit Repair Services

Starting at

$ 129 / Monthly
  • Student Loans, Child Support, Foreclosures, Judgements, Tax Liens, Public Records, and all of the above included.
  • Late payments, Charge Offs, Collections, Repos, Derogatory, Medical Bills, Evictions.
  • Inquiries
  • Most Powerful & Aggressive Dispute Methods
  • USPS Certified Mail USPS & Fax Confirmations
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Free Consultation
  • Third Party Bureau Data Suppression
  • Client Portal To Track Your Credit Report Updates

It is REQUIRED that every client keep their credit monitoring subscription for the duration of the time we are working on the credit report. Credit Monitoring is being offered through SmartCredit. It’s a monthly monitoring service that charges $29.95.

Full Credit Restoration

Our Full Credit Restoration package includes: